Our Views - External Quality Assurance

External quality assurance is crucial to QTI's members because it builds trust in our ability to meet stakeholders’ needs. Some of our members have built up a reputation over many years, but an external tick also benefits them.

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority registers private training establishments (a check on organisational quality) and approves and accredits their courses (checking for resources, academic integrity, etc). They review PTEs' compliance with the standards and review the organisation's educational performance and capacity for self-assessment under the External Evaluation and Review (EER) process. All QTI members must have an EER result of Category 1 or Category 2 - the highest two categories.

NZQA is an important organisation to QTI and we have ongoing discussions with them about the nature of their standards and review consistency, expertise, costs, timelines and report writing. This communication is important because NZQA does not have any requirement to consult with us unlike the university and institute of technology and polytechnic sectors that own and operate their quality assurance bodies. We want to explore self-regulation, but legislation would need to change for us to have our own quality assurance body.


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