Our Views - Effective Government Processes

QTI members face many government requirements for registration, course approval, student visas and funding. We have a strong interest in government agencies designing and implementing those requirements effectively and efficiently.

We work constructively with government agencies to identify and deal with any problems that arise. Some of our concerns are that:

  • rules are developed with a clear understanding of the context in which they will operate and the impacts that they will have on those affected;
  • funding decisions are made well before the end of the year, allowing providers to inform students about course availability;
  • internal communication, training and moderation reduce inconsistency;
  • quality auditors apply standards fairly and at a reasonable cost;
  • poor performers are identified and, if they do not improve, have their funding or accreditation removed; and
  • good performers are given more freedom to operate.

Government agencies throughout the world face challenges in managing funding, contracting and quality assurance processes, and New Zealand agencies are no different. QTI is committed to working with them to improve the timeliness, consistency, standard, legality and responsiveness of their processes.


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