Each QTI member can appoint a representative to the Board, which approves key documents, submissions and most other major decisions. The Board elects a Chair, Deputy Chair and the Treasurer. The Chair presides over Board meetings, sets the agenda, represents QTI at key meetings, and oversee the work of the Executive Director, amongst other tasks. The Board appoints an Executive Director to develop and implement the action list, produce key documents, maintain relationships with stakeholders, represent QTI in Wellington, administer the organisation and carry out other duties as required.

For 2020/2021, Brijesh Sethi of New Zealand School of Education is the Chair of QTI. Claire Huxley of International Travel College (ITC) is the Deputy Chair of QTI and Amin Soleimana of Future Skills is the Treasurer.

Tommy Honey is QTI’s Executive Director. Tommy has worked in tertiary education for thirty years, teaching, managing and advocating in both the public and private sectors. He has run two PTEs and has previously been a Co-Chair of QTI.

Tommy Honey
Quality Tertiary Institutions
Mobile 021 744 531

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