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Transforming Lives at Laidlaw

Transforming Lives at Laidlaw

A donation for students with disabilities from Laidlaw College supporters was the helping hand paraplegic Bob Reynolds needed to turn his life around. That donation funded the first papers of his Certificate in Christian Studies at Laidlaw, and now Bob is studying towards a diploma enroute to a Bachelor of Counselling degree.

Laidlaw College Inspires Christchurch Leaders

Laidlaw College’s Christchurch Leaders' Day held at the Clearwater Resort in September offered leaders in Christchurch stimulating content, great food, and the opportunity to spend time with each other in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Wife's dream leads to Laidlaw graduate's prize

Jay Lucas, who studied at Laidlaw College in 2009, has won the 2010 Youngman Essay Contest.

Laidlaw Makes US Connection

During the week of 15 March 2010, Laidlaw College hosted visitors Harry Gutelius (Associate Dean, Loeb School of Education) and Stephanie MacTavish (Vice President for East Asian Relations) from Eastern University in Philadelphia.�

Laidlaw College Alumni is new Bishop of Auckland

Ross Bay was ordained as the Anglican Bishop of Auckland on April 17th at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Parnell. Ross studied at Laidlaw College (then BCNZ) from 1986 to 1989, obtaining a Bachelor of Theology.

Laidlaw e-Learning Gains International Influence

Laidlaw College�s new Certificate in Online Tutoring for theological educators began on 2 November 2009 and has given the college�s e-Learning team the opportunity to contribute to international practice.

New Degree for Laidlaw

The recent approval of Laidlaw College�s Bachelor of Counselling degree heralds an exciting new development in counselling training in New Zealand and the Pacific region.

No Limits- Laidlaw stretches the boundaries

The School of Education at Laidlaw College supported an Outdoor Education Week with Wesley Intermediate on 30 March.�

Laidlaw College Embraces Hybrid Model

Four new hybrid courses will start the first semester at Laidlaw College. �Traditionally the online course has been a total isolated unit, as has the on-campus course.

Research Grant Success at Laidlaw College

Laidlaw College has been awarded funding for two further Ako Aotearoa Projects from the National Centre for Tertiary Teaching Excellence (NCCTTE).

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