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ITI's Vision and Education Policy 2008

ITI has released its vision for tertiary education and education policy for 2008.

The Social Side of Tertiary Education

The social side of tertiary education is being neglected by the government at the moment, and we don't mean student parties.

Regional Planning - Will it Work?

Regional planning (or facilitation or needs analysis) is a building block of the tertiary education reforms, with an assumption that a regional focus...

ITI Commits to Extra Effort on Reforms

ITI members have committed to an extra effort on the tertiary education reforms, recognising how big an impact the reforms�will have over the next few years.

Reforms Bring Opportunity, Risk

Last week's tertiary education reforms announcement has many opportunities and risks for ITI, let alone the broader community.

PTEs to Contest PBRF

Private education providers intend to contest the Performance Based Research Fund this year, most of them citing respect and reputation as key to their decision to put staff research portfolios forward for evaluation.

Next Steps for High Quality PTEs

ITI has focused on the government's tertiary education reforms over the last month. While we were disappointed with the initial direction of the reforms, we feel that some good progress has been made.

NZQA Picks Up ITI's Survey Suggestion

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) has just started a survey of its PTE clients, following on from a suggestion by ITI.

Government�s �Next Steps� Reforms Overlook High PTE Performance

Dr Michael Cullen, Minister of Tertiary Education, released his �next steps in tertiary education� reforms in early April, but provided little detail.

Private students well-placed to get holiday jobs

With workplace skills shortages hitting the market hard, students at private training establishments (PTEs) were well placed to find holiday jobs...

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