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When Over-Delivery is a Problem

Over-delivery is a positive outcome in most relationships - getting more than you agreed for is usually a nice surprise. Cabinet, however...

Under-Promising and Over-Delivering?

Over-delivery has become a recent buzzword around the TEC and rumours abound about quite what it means.

Equity Funding for PTEs?

The Government is reviewing the use of equity funding, which is made up of small funding pools distributed to public providers to support Maori and Pacific students, and students with disabilities.

PTEs Rise to the Challenge

A recent column by NZQA CEO Karen Poutasi in the Education Review (10 August 2006) applauded the �new level of maturity� in the PTE sector.

Fair Go or Fairer Go?

ITI put out a media release in early August about the TEC's announcement of a special funding round for some PTEs.

Media Release - TEC's Unfortunate Decision can be Turned Around

�The Tertiary Education Commission�s decision today to set up an exclusive funding process for one group of private training establishments is unfortunate. It has been done with no consultation with other affected parties and will not get the best result.

PTE Students Lose $93m in Budget

Private training establishment (PTE) students lost $93m in the Budget announced last week. The only cut in Vote Education means that thousands of people will not be able to enrol in PTE courses next year. The Government has taken $93m (over four years) from those students to fulfil its interest-free student loans policy.

TEC Ranks ITI Qualifications Highest

Four ITI members topped the rankings in the recent reinvestment decisions made by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC).

Media Release - PTE success recognised in funding results

ITI welcomes the detailed private training establishment (PTE) funding results released by the Tertiary Education Commission.

Media Release - TEC misleads public on PTE funding

�TEC�s media release today about the new PTE funding pool omits key information, casting a slur upon the PTE sector�

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