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QTI defends high quality international education against political attacks

Foreign students studying in New Zealand have been targeted in a series of recent comments from Labour leader Andrew Little, NZ First leader Winston Peters and the Tertiary Education Union (TEU). QTI believes those criticisms miss the mark by massively underestimating the benefits of international education to the country and to the individual students.

Winston Peters’ irresponsible comments risk damaging international education

New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters’ continuing attacks on foreign students risks damaging New Zealand’s reputation internationally and could cost hundreds of New Zealanders their jobs. Feroz Ali, Chair of Independent Tertiary Institutions (ITI), an industry body representing fourteen large private tertiary establishments, says such remarks are incorrect, irresponsible and potentially very damaging to a $2.85 billion industry. “A senior politician who has served as Minister of Foreign Affairs should know much better,” said Mr Ali.
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