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Launching New Zealand's First Game Development Graduates

Six months ago a group of 12 programmers and artists came together under the guidance of international game experts, with the vision of creating an original game concept based upon life after the apocalypse.

Media Release - TEC misleads public on PTE funding

�TEC�s media release today about the new PTE funding pool omits key information, casting a slur upon the PTE sector�

Bible College Staff Gain Doctorates

Staff and students of Bible College of New Zealand's (BCNZ) Auckland campus celebrated the award of over 100 qualifications including two doctorates, at their annual graduation ceremony in April 2005.

Pio Terei Scholarship

New Zealand Management Academies� (NZMA) formal graduation ceremony was an extra-special day for Maxine Ngaeruaiti and Juan Sofele.

Submission - Audit Report Publication

ITI sent a submission to NZQA about the publication of PTE audit reports in October 2004.

Pizza Boy Gets $800 Tip

New Zealand Management Academies (NZMA) hospitality student Hong Fei Li gained celebrity-status after landing an $800 tip for delivering a couple of pizzas.

Submission - Distinctive Contributions

ITI sent a major submission to the Tertiary Education Commission in August 2004 on the distinctive contributions of PTEs.

A Stony Faced Mr Speaker

Ryuzo Nishida�s pebble portrait of Jonathan Hunt, Parliament�s Speaker, is one of the most striking portraits in the National Portrait Gallery, but it is just one of the Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design student�s innovative portraits.

Submission - Performance Element

ITI prepared a submission in May 2004 on the government's plan to develop performance measurements for tertiary education provision.

Media Release - TEC's view of tertiary sector should be broader

TEC should take a broader view of the tertiary sector, but today�s paper on the possible shape of the tertiary education sector is a good start.

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