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ITI Commits to Extra Effort on Reforms

ITI members have committed to an extra effort on the tertiary education reforms, recognising how big an impact the reforms�will have over the next few years.

Media Release - TEC's Unfortunate Decision can be Turned Around

�The Tertiary Education Commission�s decision today to set up an exclusive funding process for one group of private training establishments is unfortunate. It has been done with no consultation with other affected parties and will not get the best result.

Business � Tertiary Education�s Other Stakeholder

This 22 June 2006 comment by Phil O'Reilly, Business NZ CEO, has been reprinted with his permission. ITI is a Business NZ Affiliated Industry Group and feels that these messages are worth reinforcing in our newsletter.

New Zealand's Top Creative Talent

Media Design School graduate Scott Maddox and his creative partner Fraser Grant have won this year's Young Creative of the Year Competition.

Industry Recognises NZMA's Partnership

New Zealand Management Academies has been recognised as a training institute that provides strong and relevant connections to industry for its students.

ITI Takeover of Public Sector?

Tony Gray, ITI's deputy chairperson, has been appointed as the CEO of Nelson Marlbourough Institute of Technology.

Is the Minister Really Consulting?

The problem with the current tertiary education reforms process�is that as soon as some decisions are released, the next wave of work is well underway.

Reforms Bring Opportunity, Risk

Last week's tertiary education reforms announcement has many opportunities and risks for ITI, let alone the broader community.

The Big Plusses of Art & Creativity

Art and creativity are good for you. The surprise result from research at The Learning Connexion (TLC) is the size of the benefit. In a series of surveys students report an average 35% improvement in wellbeing since starting TLC's Diploma of Art and Creativity.

Good Progress with TEC

ITI has made good progress with the TEC on several issues in the last month and we like to give credit where credit is due.

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