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NZMA and Heritage Hotels Launch Training Scheme

Heritage Hotel Management and New Zealand Management Academies have begun a trainee programme for hospitality diploma students. From the end of this year, selected diploma students will have the opportunity to become hotel trainees for the two years of their course.

He Kupu - Going Live

New Zealand Tertiary College�s new online journal, was launched last month. He Kupu, �going live�, provides a forum for scholarly enquiry and research associated with the development and implementation of online learning programs.

New Deputy Chairperson for ITI

Sue Allard, National Principal of Natcoll Design Technology, has just been elected as the Deputy Chairperson for ITI.

The TEC Giveth and the Minister Taketh Away

Last newsletter, we wrote about the positive draft definition of the distinctive contribution of private training establishments (PTEs). Apparently some officials started asking around about whether we had seen the final version yet, and now we understand their confusion.

PTEs Working Together

Collaboration can be big or small, but ITI prefers the practical type, whatever size. One recent example is between ITI member Carey Baptist College and another PTE, Academy New Zealand.

Onwards and Upwards

It used to be pretty easy to spot Autumn McGrail�s distinctive paintings at The Learning Connexion's exhibitions when she was a student.

A Real Role for PTEs

ITI's executive director, Dave Guerin, had an opinion piece published in NZ Education Review newspaper in October about the TEC's discussion paper on the distinctive contribution of private training establishments (PTEs).

Proposed PTE distinctive contribution

The TEC released a consultation paper on the proposed definition of the PTE sector's distinctive contribution to tertiary education.

Carey's Victory Opens the Door for Others

In August, ITI reported on Carey Baptist College�s victory in becoming the first PTE in the country to get permission to teach courses in Mandarin

Bethlehem Lecturer Making a Difference

Marion Sanders has been to Tonga so many times in the past three years that she regards it as her second home. She also says the purpose of her visits has offered her some of the biggest challenges of her lecturing career.

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