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ITI Campaign Up and Running

ITI launched a campaign in March to invite like-minded private training establishments to...

Maximising PTEs' Role

ITI's major project at the moment is to maximise the role of PTEs.

Onsite Learning for Deaf Students

For the first time, The Learning Connexion (TLC) will be providing onsite education for Deaf students.

Equity Funding for PTEs?

The Government is reviewing the use of equity funding, which is made up of small funding pools distributed to public providers to support Maori and Pacific students, and students with disabilities.

Early Childhood Education Degree Approved at NZTC

A new degree program from New Zealand Tertiary College supports the ever increasing recognition that quality early childhood teacher education programs result in improved outcomes for young children.

ITI Launches Campaign with Like-Minded PTEs

ITI is launching a campaign with like-minded PTEs this week to effectively represent the interests of quality PTEs in the implementation of the tertiary education reforms; and

- promote an enhanced role for quality PTEs in the tertiary education system.

Soccer and graphic design passion earns student scholarship

A passion for soccer and graphic design has earned Lytton High School student Jason Venema the lucky break of his life.

Money, Nobel Prizes, Art & Science

By Jonathan Milne - �The arts and sciences are part of one, common creative culture largely composed of polymathic individuals�

Key Looks to Private Provision

John Key made his state of the nation speech in Christchurch yesterday.

PTE Sector Definition Lacking

The distinctive contribution of private training establishments (PTEs) was defined very narrowly in the Tertiary Education Strategy (TES) released just before Christmas.

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