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Equity Funding for PTEs?

The Government is reviewing the use of equity funding, which is made up of small funding pools distributed to public providers to support Maori and Pacific students, and students with disabilities. One of the options is to make private providers eligible for such funding to support their students from such groups, and ITI heartily supports that option.

ITI supports the Government's goal to maximise educational opportunity for all New Zealanders, but we also argue that supporting those with extra or different needs can sometimes cost more money, and the funding system should recognise that. Equity funding has only been available to public providers to date, but students have enrolled wherever they felt most comfortable, which includes PTEs as often as not. Our story about The Learning Connexion's work with Deaf students illustrates what�our members are doing already.">NZMA, another one of our members,�prepared a case study for the ITI submission on equity funding, identifying the specific improvements they would make to pastoral care and academic support if they had equity funding. 77 per cent of NZMA's enrolments are Maori or Pacific students out of about 1,000 domestic students, so that organisation looks forward to receiving the funding support that those students deserve.

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