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PTEs Working Together

Collaboration can be big or small, but ITI prefers the practical type, whatever size. One recent example is between ITI member Carey Baptist College and another PTE, Academy New Zealand. We recently had the following story from Carey.

Back in August our caterer of four years made the decision to move on from catering to take up another role. This of course left us with large shoes to fill. We have been grateful to Academy New Zealand and their catering school who have been able to take up the challenge at short notice, of feeding about 100 people twice a week until semester end. This really has been a win/win situation for the school and for Carey as we�ve been fed (!) and these young people have had the experience of large-scale preparation, cooking and serving, not to mention mixing with our students and staff. They will be joining us again next year and we�ll be glad to have them here.

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