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Relaunching TechSchool at NZSE

New Zealand School of Education (NZSE) is committed to working with New Zealand businesses and communities to develop the capabilities in technology to support the economic growth of New Zealand.

TechweekThat’s why, after 15 years’ experience of delivering ICT programmes to the local communities, they are relaunching the TechSchool at NZSE.

TechSchool at NZSE is a headline sponsor of Technweek’18 which is currently running across the country (May 19 – 27), and they have been involved in a number of exciting events.

On May 22 they partnered with ASB and AUT to host an informative session to discuss the skills of tomorrow’s workforce. Topics included how to raise capability and develop new skills in our education system through digital education. This led to a conversation around whether our learning environments are equipped to foster New Zealand’s future technological growth.

TechSchool at NZSE’s Lecturer and Head of Research Farhad Mehdipour was a panellist alongside Leigh Angus, ASB’s Head of Innovation and Commercialisation. He discussed how NZSE takes its experience and knowledge to focus on the future of education and the need to create the right spaces for leaners to excel in a digital world. By providing students a platform where learning hierarchies are questioned with a more collaborative approach to teaching, TechSchool at NZSE instils industry expectations within the curriculum.

Another Techweek highlight was a panel session hosted by TechSchool at NZSE, featuring keynote speaker Ira Munn, who talked about his current work creating the world’s first 3D printed car. It was a fantastic opportunity to hear from a globally recognised tech “guru.” 

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