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Students Venture Up to Career Options

Two students from Yoobee School of Design have just returned from a month-long startup accelerator experience for youth in New Zealand, called Venture Up.

Venture UpThe programme attracts future entrepreneurs and business leaders and aims to give them the tools for success. Nicola Gamble and Joshua Malcolm were alerted to the programme by their Yoobee Careers Advisor Tulia Moss, who felt it would be a good fit for their career development, and potential as stand-out, active entrepreneur participants.


“Yoobee loves challenging business expectations by providing fresh young creatives who can, and do, excel as industry-ready-graduates,” says Tulia.  “Our students definitely had an excellent experience with Venture Up and are now inspired to think broadly about their career options.”


Venture Up has been in operation since 2015 and has put over 100 youth aged 16-24 into a collaborative space, surrounding them with the best mentors in the business world and equipping them with essential leadership skills for the future.


For Nicola, the experience has been life-changing.


“While I always had goals of owning a business, I never thought at 21 I would be heading down the path of being a co-founder of a startup company,” she says.  “It showed me that my goals were possible, and much sooner than I had thought realistic. Venture Up has accelerated and changed my plans for the future and I'm incredibly excited to see where I end up.”

The skills gained during her Creative Digital Design studies at Yoobee prepared her well for the programme.

“Yoobee has taught me many things, but the most helpful for Venture Up was design thinking, customer validation, marketing and advertising, how to apply feedback, teamwork and agile processes just to name a few.  Having an understanding about these aspects meant that while I had no business background, I could hit the ground running at the same pace as everyone else.”

Like Nicola, Joshua has returned from the programme inspired and fired-up to launch his career in the creative industries.


“We can access networks and mentors within the entrepreneur community, which is invaluable when you’re heading into that space,” says Joshua.  “I now have a basic understanding on how businesses are made and I'll be able to apply this when starting a business on my own. Being in a creative industry, there is a higher chance that we will start our own businesses, and this experience has been fantastic for me. Yoobee has given me the skills I need for my career in Advanced 3D Graphics, and I’m now inspired and hungry to do more things and start a ton of projects.”

Yoobee School of Design Head of School Nick Webster says these kinds of experiences are incredibly beneficial for students.

“We are pleased to be able to work with accelerator programmes such as Venture Up to offer such highly valuable opportunities for our students and graduates,” says Nick.  “As always, the aim is to equip our students with the skills to enable them to hit the ground running with that all-important first job, and any value-added opportunities help to make them even more employable.”

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