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MDS Gaming Graduates Set to Release ‘Sky Noon’

New Zealand homegrown games studio Lunar Rooster will release its Western-themed action video game ‘Sky Noon’ to digital distribution platform Steam later this year.

Lunar Rooster was established as part of the third year Game Development programme at Media Design School in 2016, and is comprised of former students Alex Hodgson, Chris Cullen, Craig Taylor and Nathan Minifie. Their game Sky Noon is a first person multiplayer shooter (played from the point of view of the protagonist) and has been a huge hit within the gaming community.

Sky NoonLast year it became the first New Zealand title to be selected as a finalist in the Gamer’s Voice Awards at South by Southwest (SXSW), and was awarded the Runner Up Prize in the Kiwi Game Starter competition at the New Zealand Game Developers Conference. In August 2017, Lunar Rooster were also awarded an Unreal Development Grant by Epic Games. Sky Noon was picked up by publisher Reverb Triple XP (who are responsible for publishing major titles such as Player Unknown Battlegrounds and Rocket League), and now they are on the cusp of Steam release, which means very soon gaming fanatics will be able to play it with all their friends.

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