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ITC Tutor Delivers Exclusive Workshop in Japan

Japanese businesspeople recently learned all about New Zealand’s thriving tourism industry at a workshop in Okinawa.

ITC tutor Takeyuki Morita delivered a workshop about sustainable tourism management while in Japan on an international marketing trip. Originally from Okinawa, Takeyuki took this opportunity to share his knowledge about New Zealand tourism with his home country.

Takeyuki was invited by the Okinawa Chamber of Commerce to deliver the workshop, which had the topic of ‘Cross-Cultural Communication in Business Management’.

ITC tutor speaks in Japan“This was a good topic for me to speak about because cross-cultural communication is very important in the tourism industry,” says Takeyuki.

“At ITC, we have many staff members who are very experienced in cross-cultural communication and management. Therefore, I had a wide variety of case studies to choose from. For example, Cathy [ITC’s Employment Consultant], shared her experience of working with the Japanese, while Mel [ITC’s Tourism Education Team Leader] gave me some insight about the Nepalese work ethic.”

Takeyuki took great care to deliver the workshop in ‘Kiwi style’ – that’s to say, a relaxed format where the lecturer facilitates discussion so that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the knowledge shared.

“According to the feedback given, all participants enjoyed the session,” says Takeyuki, which may explain why the workshop was picked up by two leading local newspapers and a prime television channel.

“This workshop marked the first time that a lecturer outside Japan was invited to Okinawa, so it was big news for the city, which has a population of approximately 1.5 million.”

He has already been invited back next year and looks forward to sharing more information about New Zealand’s tourism industry with Okinawa businesses in 2018.


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