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Media Design School Students Help CureKids

For the third consecutive year Media Design AdSchool students have created a film promo for the Les Mills Fight Night, an annual event which helps raise money for CureKids.

AdSchool CureKids fundraiserThe AdSchool students worked with production company Chillbox to create the film, in what was a great opportunity to gain real-work experience, and help make a real difference to the lives of thousands of kids.

“When CureKids came into MDS to talk to us, they made the important distinction that CureKids aren’t raising the money for the kids or their families –  they’re raising it for research so that the lives of thousands of children can be improved and extended” says Kate Humphries, AdSchool’s Program Leader. “The winning team’s script unashamedly put that call for money at the very heart of their idea, with the inference that Fight Night fighters are using coins to fix the fight”

Adding an extra emotional punch this year was the fact that the father of one of the CureKids was stepping into the ring.

“We chose to open up the film with that parent – Jono, because he exemplifies the fact that it’s not just the boxers fighting on the night, it’s also parents fighting for their kids every day – and, of course, the kids themselves. Which is why we’re also featuring those incredible CureKids kids fighting in this film - including Jono’s son Corin.”

Corin has a very rare genetic condition, which his brother Tyler tragically passed away from when he was just 3 months old. 

Also, featured in the film are Tiff, a parent and ambassador for CureKids, and her daughter Eva – who’s been fighting to survive her entire life.

“Shortly after the shoot Eva had to go back into hospital which was a big reality check,” says student copywriter Adam Redmond. “A few days earlier she’d been giggling and throwing punches at the camera, but hearing how quickly things could change for her made the project that much more meaningful to us.

“Ringing in my ears throughout the whole project were Tiff’s words on being told that CureKids had the money to fund research into just one of the conditions that’s made Eva’s fight really hard – as one of the ‘happiest moments in her life’. It was inspiring, and I do hope that whilst people watch our film and critique it as an ad, they also donate, because that should overshadow everything else.” 

To watch the promo, check out the link:


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