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Top Job Takes Yoobee Graduate From Diving to Driving

With the skills students learn at Yoobee School of Design, the world really is their oyster.  Jobs are evolving with their own specialities and niche areas, and the smart students are tapping in, loading up on skills like animation, special effects, digital video and finding their dream jobs.

Yoobee grad Justin BennettOne day Justin Bennett could be in the South Island cage diving with a great white shark, the next he may be driving around in a Tesla Model X shooting his own version of Top Gear. It’s Justin’s idea of the perfect job since graduating from Yoobee School of Design, after completing a Diploma in Animation and Digital Video.

Justin is the Digital Content Manager for Bauer Media, New Zealand and he’s loving the diversity of the role.  He looks after all the digital content and video for five magazines, plus the social media pages and reporting on the weather.

One of his favourite toys is a drone, and he’s been called on multiple times to fly it over locations to get amazing vision of incredible scenery.  Justin says, “They let me run ahead with most of my crazy ideas and 9/10 times it pays off with what gets produced. It’s exciting, and on any day, anything can happen.” 

Justin’s training at Yoobee included working on Premiere and also After Effects which has helped his creativity and content development immeasurably. He’s enjoying being in the world of publishing and seeing how digital continues to merge with traditional media, and hopes to move further into a video management role or film.


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