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Student Films Picked for Kids’ Film Festival

Not one but two of Media Design School's short animated films were recently selected as part of the official line-up at the 2017 San Diego International Kids' Film Festival.

kitten witchThe Dragon’s Scale tells the tale of a warrior and his son who are on a quest to fix the son’s stammer when the forest conspires the stop the father. The boy decides to go on alone to face the unknown creatures that await. The project was produced by award-winning director James Cunningham and the visual effects and animation post-production took a group of 26 third year Bachelor of Art and Design (3D Animation and VFX) students four months of intensive work to complete.

Meanwhile, Kitten Witch, a film by James Cunningham and former Bachelor of Art and Design lecturer Oliver Hilbert, tells the tale of a young kitten who wants to be a witch’s familiar but who must first collect a series of ingredients in order to pass the witch's test. 

The visual effects and animation post-production for Kitten Witch was completed by the Bachelor of Art and Design class of November 2016.

Better yet, the third and final Kiwi film selected for the festival, Possum, also had some input from Media Design School. The VFX and Animation work on Possum was provided by the Bachelor of Art and Design graduating class of June 2017 in partnership with the Jilin Animation Institute in China, who assisted with the possum animation.


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