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Fair Go or Fairer Go?

ITI put out a media releasein early August about the TEC's announcement of a special funding round for some PTEs. These PTEs face closure at the end of the year because the Government cut their students' access to student loans and allowances in the May Budget - only PTEs in funded courses will get loans and allowances next year. The Budget announcement came after the PTE reinvestment funding round (which allocates money on a competitive basis) for 2007 had closed, so they deserve a fair go.

ITI's concern is, however, that these PTEs may get a fairer go than other PTEs. The money for this special round would otherwise have been spent in the reinvestment round, where a good number of qualifications that were marked 'strategically relevant' were not funded. Since TEC announced the special assessment round at the same time as reinvestment decisions were made, there seems to be a clear link.

We have proposed a simple compromise to the TEC for�this problem - the non-funded PTEs deserve a fair go, as do those that went through the reinvestment round. They should both be assessed against the same criteria, with the applications being funded in order of quality until either the funding runs out or all strategically relevant qualifications are funded.

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