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Exciting Opportunities for ITC Graduate

It’s been an amazing year for Shania Wheatley. In mid-2016, she packed her bags and moved from Hamilton to Auckland to study tourism at the International Travel College – and she hasn’t looked back.

ITC's Shania Wheatley

Since arriving in Auckland, she’s graduated with a Level 4 tourism qualification, landed a job in the cruise ship industry, and been accepted into the Disney Cultural Exchange Program.

“Moving from Hamilton was a hard decision. Living on my own, working, and studying at the same time was a challenge – but it was well worth it,” says Shania.

“Auckland has so many opportunities. Even though it’s more expensive than other cities in New Zealand, it’s a main tourism destination so there are plenty of jobs.”

With ITC’s help, she landed a job working in the cruise ship industry.

“Thanks to the team at ITC, I have gained a job working with cruise lines from all over the world such as Princess Cruises, Holland America Line Cruises, and even Norwegian Cruises. Being only 18 years of age, this is a massive opportunity that I’m going to cherish.”

Shania is also about to head to the United States to live and work at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, along with 12 of her fellow ITC graduates.  ITC graduates have been going to Disney World for many years, but this is the first time such a large group has been selected.

Shania is excited about the opportunities this experience will create.

“I will be able to network with managers throughout the Disney company and may even have the option to stay overseas and work with them for a long time.”

She believes she wouldn’t have achieved these opportunities without the help of the tutors and support staff at ITC.

“Without the amazing travel stories and the passion and the dedication the tutors show, I wouldn’t be on this amazing career path today.  I know other people in my class with great tourism jobs, and it won’t be long until we see the rest of my class secure roles in their chosen field, too.”

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