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Yoobee Tutor Creates Trip Down Memory Lane

A start-up project launched by a Christchurch Yoobee School of Design tutor is making a splash.

Regina's phone case resizedYouth Guarantee tutor Regina Speer has created ‘Swappy’ - a phone case that enables people to transform their phone into a Gameboy. This unique product has a set of buttons that mirror the 1989 gaming device, allowing people to revisit famous hits like Zelda, Pokemon and Super Mario Land.

She came up with the idea after buying a Gameboy-inspired rubber case for her own phone.

“It gave me warm nostalgic fuzzies, I really wanted to play it. I took that case and went to a local start-up week [event], pitched the idea and formed a team. Within 24 hours we built a prototype," she says.

According to Matthias McGregor who runs the nostalgia-infused gaming store Blast from the Past, there is a lot of potential for old gaming consoles.

"Nintendo especially, the Game Boy, the N64, I feel like it never goes away, it's really touched a place in a lot of people's hearts," he says.

"I think it's quite a human thing, to feel comfort in that amphora, in something that's physical that you can hold in your hand."

Regina has now launched a crowdfunding campaign to promote her product through Kickstarter.

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