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PTEs Rise to the Challenge

A recent column by NZQA CEO Karen Poutasi in the Education Review (10 August 2006) applauded the new level of maturity in the PTE sector.

Poutasi said that providers taking the initiative themselves to promote quality and the establishment of trust funds for fees, has led to an overall improvement in the PTE sector. But the key she says is the growing availability of information and increasing transparency of the sector. The availability of PTE audit report summaries on the New Zealand Qualifications Authority website and the Register of Quality Assured Qualifications, or Kiwiquals as the website is known, have allowed prospective students to gain an overview of PTEs and what they are offering.

The Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of Students, established in 2001, and the fee protection scheme have also created security for students and PTEs by providing standards that the sector must uphold and by ensuring that fees are protected and students can be placed with other providers and their education continued.

Poutasi said that, "While the relationship between government agencies and the sector is still not perfect, it is improving. The flows of information are getting better, and there is a clear expectation on both sides that building networks and being open about risks is helping the market remain stable." ITI looks forward to working with Karen and her staff in the future.

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