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Global Gaming Buzz Hits Yoobee Wellington

Gaming fanatics descended upon Yoobee Wellington earlier this month for the 2017 Global Game Jam, the largest game creation event on the planet. 

Yoobee Global Game JamTaking place across more than 95 countries simultaneously, and drawing 36,000 participants worldwide, gamers have 48 hours to create a game or interactive experience from scratch. 

Yoobee Wellington was HQ for 75 of those participants (including nine Yoobee students), all racing against the clock to complete their games.

Event organiser and Yoobee Game Art and Development tutor Locky Reid said the jam was a brilliant opportunity for game developers to come together to create, share experiences and express themselves using video games.

“It’s a great event for any game developers to take part in and in Wellington our participants had a range of experience, from professional artists to students, and everyone in between,” said Locky.

The theme was announced at 5pm on Friday January 20, and gamers had until 5pm on the Sunday to upload their games.

“This is the second game jam that I have organised and the Friday evening is always the most fun. Everyone is really buzzing after hearing the theme and there’s so much chatter going on as they get into small teams and start brainstorming!

“As a tradition we slow down a popular film to use as a 48 hour timer, so everyone knows how long they have left. This year we slowed down the Lord of the Rings films, and everyone gathered around at 5pm on Sunday to watch Sauron’s tower collapse, signalling the end of the event.”

No prizes are up for grabs at the Global Game Jam – it’s all about building skills and sparking a worldwide creative buzz in games.

“If you are a game developer, there’s nothing quite like it,” said Locky.

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