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Conference Targets Changing Face of Education in New Zealand

Education leaders, government officials and industry representatives will come together next month to explore collaborative ways of delivering better education and employment pathways to all New Zealanders.

‘Educate 2016’ is the first national conference to be hosted by the ACG Tertiary & Careers Group and AUT (Auckland University of Technology).
ACG Tertiary & Careers is the largest provider of Category 1 schools in the country, and comprises NZMA, ACG Yoobee School of Design, New Zealand Career College (NZCC) and the New Zealand School of Tourism. The upcoming conference will see the two education heavyweights join forces to bring practitioners and leaders from all areas of the sector together to develop meaningful pathways for students, from early learning, primary and high school, through to tertiary training and into careers.

The conference is the brainchild of Monique Le Marque, Regional Manager at ACG Tertiary & Careers Group, who says the face of education in New Zealand is rapidly changing, and those in the sector need to change with it.

“Accelerated globalisation, fuelled by technology and a combination of economic, social, political and demographic forces, are driving change of the education landscape,” says Monique.

“We recognise that it is only through partnership that education can make a difference for all New Zealanders. This conference will bring experts from all areas together so that we can connect the dots from education to industry, and get everyone on the same page, striving towards the same goals for our learners.”

While traditional universities have long been the mainstay of tertiary learning, more and more young people today are looking for vocational skills that will get them jobs. The conference aims to help find meaningful pathways for these learners, by working together with a range of education providers, government departments and industry employers. It will also highlight the huge impact that education – and educators – have on learning, and the ripple effect they create within families and communities.

“Education, if looked at beyond its conventional boundaries, is a powerful tool with which to affect social change,” says Monique.
AUT senior lecturer in educational leadership, Dr Howard Youngs, also advocates for moving beyond conventional boundaries.

“Any shifts in educational practice that help bring about social change must also include a transformation with how we understand and practise leadership,” he says.

He also welcomes the opportunity for AUT to co-host such a significant and timely conference at its South Campus where it is growing and strengthening its capacity as a culturally responsive and innovative learning environment rather than that of a more traditional university.

“It’s great to see that the keynote speakers come from a range of education sector backgrounds, reflecting the commitment of this conference to emphasise partnership across and between educational groups and communities,” says Dr Youngs.

The conference theme, Leading Excellence, Innovation and Change, will be explored by several keynote speakers including Dr Youngs, Mira Mautner (Early Childhood Council), Sandra Collins (Senior Education Evaluator, Education Review Office), Huia Hanlen (Secondary/Tertiary Lead, Ministry of Education) and Keith Marshall (Chief Executive, Careers New Zealand ).

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