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Carey celebrates 90 years

March 2016 marked the 90th anniversary of the official inauguration of Carey (formerly known as the Baptist College of New Zealand). Dr John Tucker, who lectures in Church History, Preaching and Christian Spirituality, was interviewed by Radio Rhema on the history of the college.
Martin Sutherland and Laurie Guy describe the college’s inauguration in their book, An Unfolding Story: A History of Carey Baptist College. Carey 90 years

“On Wednesday 3rd March, 1926 the college was officially inaugurated at a service and a public meeting at the Auckland Tabernacle. It was, as are all such occasions, an opportunity of celebration and congratulation. The leaders of the denomination were present in force and there were greetings from Presbyterian, Congregational and Methodist colleagues as well as from the new Bible Training Institute, until recently itself based in the Tabernacle buildings. Telegrams from supporters throughout New Zealand were read, prayers were offered and the now iconic photograph of the first group of students was taken by the steps at the side entrance of the Tabernacle.”

“From nondescript beginnings, the college has become a broad-based theological provider in the first rank of New Zealand institutions,” write Sutherland and Guy. “The deeper narrative is of relationships, innovation and commitment.”

For more on the college’s history:
Download An Unfolding Story: A History of Carey Baptist College
Listen to the interview with Dr John Tucker on Radio Rhema

Pictured: the first group of staff and students at the Baptist College of New Zealand, 1926

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