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Malachi’s Makeover: From Crawling Malls to NZSE

Malachi Fleet’s life took an unexpected turn one day at Lynmall in Auckland. “I was walking with a stack of CVs under my arm, looking for a job, when I met Sam Alrdini from the New Zealand School of Education (NZSE),” says the Laingholm resident.
Having always been interested in technology, especially computers, Malachi became interested in how NZSE was transforming people’s career. “Malachi’s face lit upMalachi NZSE when I started talking about our IT courses,” Sam says. “It was like this was what he had always wanted to do.”

Malachi promptly enrolled at NZSE. “It’s the best decision I ever made,” says the 21-year-old. “I initially signed up for the Certificate in Computer Servicing level 5. This was my first immersion in IT and I realised it has a wide range of career streams plus more job opportunities than any other sector.”

Malachi has now progressed to the National Diploma in Computing level 5. Upon graduation he will be able to repair computers, install operating systems and configure user needs. He’ll also have a strong understanding of network fundamentals and be able to use technical skills to support businesses and resolve customers’ technical issues.

“IT is always evolving, with new technologies coming online all the time, so this is exactly where I’d like to be,” Malachi says. “NZSE is helping me gain new qualifications and industry certifications to prepare me for the future.”

NZSE’s Career Services team have helped him get work experience via internship at Auckland-based Cyclone Computers, where he assisted with decommissioning computers.

“NZSE has helped transform my life,” Malachi says. “The credit should go to my tutors who have always reached out to me and offered help if I was struggling.”

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