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Young mum a winner at New Zealand Career College

What do you do when you are a jobless mother of three young children all under 2 years old, but want to step out into the world and start a career? As Lose Kilistina Latu, 23, discovered, all it takes is the desire to succeed plus a guiding hand.< /br> < /br> The Otahuhu resident, who dropped out of school eight years ago, found educators who mentored her to success at the NewLose Kilistina Latu. Because she had prior experience in a childcare centre, NZCC suggested she enrol for the National Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care (Level 3).< /br> < /br> The 21-week course provides a basic introduction to the skills and knowledge involved in the education and care of infants, toddlers and young children aged 0 to 5 years within New Zealand's socio-cultural context.< /br> < /br> ‘‘Juggling family and study wasn’t exactly easy, but it was the right decision to make,’’ Ms Latu says. ‘‘I did not want to be judged by my family or friends anymore.’’< /br> < /br> She says her attendance dropped and there were days when she wanted to quit, but her tutor Berasilepona Faiva-Kalati worked with her and motivated her to come to class as much as she could.< /br> < /br> ‘‘There was a lot of communication and negotiation back and forth,’’ she says. ‘‘I realised all they wanted was for me to do something with my life. So I put in that extra effort to pull through.’’< /br> < /br> Their efforts have clearly paid off -- Ms Latu not only graduated this year but she has also got a job as a relieving teacher at a local childcare centre as a result of the practicum placement NZCC arranged for her. She is hopeful it will turn into a full-time assignment.< /br> < /br> But for now she’s concentrating on further studies and has already signed up for the Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care (Pasifika) Level 5 at NZCC.< /br> < /br> This course will equip her with language skills and qualifications to provide a higher level of community-appropriate instruction and care to children.< /br> < /br> NZCC graduates are given the opportunity to intern with childcare centres, which gives them the practical education that matters, says Berasilepona.< /br> < /br> "We prepare work-ready graduates."

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