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NZSE and AUT Collaboration Provides Pathways for Students

The partnership between New Zealand School of Education (NZSE) and AUT is a perfect example of how PTEs canNZSE Edmond Xi Shaocollaborate with universities to provide an enhanced learning platform for students. The partnership, which began three years ago, provides domestic and international students with a pathway that encourages them to strive and achieve to their full capacity. < /br> < /br> NZSE’s Diploma in Information Technology offers students the opportunity to follow an academic preparation programme that leads to a graduate degree with AUT. < /br> < /br> This partnership has successfully prepared and transitioned four groups of students, with the first group graduating in November 2012. < /br> < /br> “NZSE students can do well when they further their studies at AUT, as they have been well prepared,” says Leo Hitchcock Director of Collaborative Programs, AUT’s School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences. < /br> < /br>

Students such as Edmond (pictured), who had been studying for half a year in a university in China before he decided to come to New Zealand in 2010 to pursue his tertiary education.

< /br> One of the top ranking students in his class, he was confident of achieving his academic goals in his studies overseas. He has a genuine passion for computer science and would love to eventually work in the area of web development. < /br> < /br> Edmond graduated from NZSE with a Diploma in IT Level 6 in January 2012. He transitioned to AUT and graduated from there in November 2012. Edmond is currently preparing for interviews with several national and international firms.< /br> < /br>

“We are extremely gratified to see our pathway students performing so well at AUT,” said Alison Talbot, Program Leader, NZSE. “Our students are definitely well prepared to face the academic competition out there. Siddharth Saha scored 100 per cent in the Programming 2 class followed closely by another student, Danny, who was just a half mark behind. Their consistent superior performance and success inspires our current students, and they have done us proud.”

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