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NZSE and Unitec Collaborate to Meet Skill Demands

New Zealand School of Education (NZSE) is collaborating with Unitec to bring industry relevant programmes to its local communities. < /br> < /br> NZSE is now delivering two additional Unitec programmes at its New Lynn Campus, and Unitec is delivering the course at its North Shore Campus. < /br> < /br> The collaboration was formed after a significant IT research report from Deloitte identified gaps between what courses were being delivered by universities and polytechnics and what was in demand by industry. One area the research identified as a skills shortage was in IT security and network administration.< /br> < /br> The new courses are vocationally orientated with the National Diploma Computing Level 5 (Support and Software Development) and the Certificate in Network Administration and Security - Level 6.< /br> < /br> A new promotion aimed at “hacking the hackers” and being at the forefront of IT company security has been launched with the first intake scheduled for September.

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