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TEC Ranks ITI Qualifications Highest

Four ITI members topped the rankings in the recent reinvestment decisions made by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC).

Four ITI members received top ratings in the reinvestment round in late 2005 and secured 37% of the $2.1m funding available. This is despite all ITI members only having about 11% of private training establishment (PTE) student numbers.

The reinvestment process is the only way that PTEs can receive government subsidies for more students. It is a competitive process within which PTEs have to show the need for their qualification, student success, graduate employment and staircasing, and non-competition with the public sector. Even if PTEs show that they are �strategically relevant�, they may be outranked by those that show �high strategic relevance� in one or more areas.

Qualifications worth $7.8m were rated strategically relevant by the TEC, but the funded qualifications were only worth $2.1m. This shows the pent-up demand for private tertiary education provision, the only part of the tertiary education system that has been cut in recent years.

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