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Bethlehem Tertiary Institute Continues Graduate Success

Bethlehem Tertiary Institute (BTI) graduates have a high placement rate in their chosen fields, and this looks set to continue in 2011. 

“Historically around 80% of our graduates are employed within 3 months of graduating, so by the time they come to the graduation ceremony the majority have already found work in their related fields.  That is something which we are very pleased about, as it is our objective to graduate students who are highly sought after,” says Head of Academic Services, Richard Cook. 

There will be 110 students graduating on 2 April this year from BTI’s range of Teacher Education and Counsellor Education programmes, which include a Bachelor of Education (Teaching) majoring in Primary or Early Childhood Education, Graduate Diploma of Secondary Teaching, Diploma and Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood) and a Bachelor of Counselling. 

Dr Andrew Smith, who chairs the Leadership team at BTI, addressed the graduands in a personal message posted on YouTube and Facebook this week, saying “I do want to acknowledge for all of you that getting to this point is quite a journey, and quite an achievement.  You have had to sacrifice along the way; other people around you have had to sacrifice along the way.  It’s a real opportunity to celebrate and mark that achievement.  It’s not just an end, it’s the beginning of a professional career, and I want to really encourage you that you can make a difference with what you’ve got.  You’ve got a whole lot of stuff in your hands, in your heart, that you can share and that you can make a difference with.”  

Watch the message from Dr Andrew Smith and other academic staff at

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