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Media Release - PTE success recognised in funding results

�ITI welcomes the detailed private training establishment (PTE) funding results released by the Tertiary Education Commission. They show that PTEs are doing a great job�, said Dave Guerin, Independent Tertiary Institutions executive director.

�ITI expressed major concern at the TEC�s partial release of funding results last week. We discussed the issues with the TEC over the last few days and support the release of the latest results. They present a fair picture of the situation.�

�The TEC set tough standards in this funding review and we are pleased to see that so many PTEs passed. This is the first time that private or public tertiary teaching provision has been subject to such scrutiny and the results are very positive.�

54% of funding was assessed as of strategic relevance. That means that providers are doing a great job on about 20 different measures � from economic need for the skills to successful employment outcomes for graduates.

Another 35% of funding got a provisional mark, mostly because they were new and had no historical data; the rest are coping with new measures introduced by TEC a few weeks before the assessment. Even the PTEs with provisional ratings showed that there was an economic or community need for their qualifications and that they were not unduly competing with public institutions. These providers will have their stats available next year and will continue to operate successfully.

�11% of the funding went to low relevance qualifications and when the dust settles after the appeals process, we think 5-10% of the funding will be shifted. That would be a fair result from a process with tough standards.�

�ITI still has concerns about the tight timeframes in this process and about some of the interpretations of the new criteria. We will need to work through those with the TEC over the next few months. Many individual PTEs will have strong cases to discuss with the TEC.�

Contact Dave Guerin at 021 404 334. Independent Tertiary Institutions (ITI) is a group of 15 high quality private tertiary education providers enrolling over 6,000 students pa.

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