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NZCC MOU with Institute of Supply & Materials Management

NZCC and the Institute of Supply & Materials Management (ISMM) recently signed a memorandum of understanding to formally recognise the quality of graduates from ISMM supply chain courses.

Under this new agreement NZCC will now recognize ISMM Diploma & Certificate Courses in Purchasing & Supply Chain Management, along with work experience in a related field (i.e. logistics, supply chain, warehousing, materials, procurement, import and export) for entry into the NZCC diploma course. Those who have successfully completed the ISMM Graduate Diploma would obtain exemption from Level 5 & 6 (two years) and be eligible to directly enter the NZCC Diploma in Procurement & Supply (Level 7).

Founded in 1972, ISMM is a leading specialist institution that fosters the professional development of purchasing and supply chain function in Sri Lanka.

In recognition of their expertise and role in Sri Lanka, ISMM obtained membership to the Organization of Professional Associations of Sri Lanka in 1976 and was incorporated by the Act of Parliament in 1981. ISMM is affiliated with the International Trade Center (ITC) - which is the technical co-operation agency of the United Nations conference on Trade & Development (UNCTAD) - and the World Trade Organization (WTO) for operational, enterprise-oriented aspects of trade development.

The public service of Sri Lanka and corresponding cross section of corporate entities recognise the corporate membership of ISMM as equivalent to first or second class honours degrees relevant to the field of supply chain & materials management. So far ISMM have produced 10,000 professional graduates from their diploma and short courses in supply chain management. NZCC is delighted to work with ISMM and to help more graduates achieve successful careers in purchasing and supply.

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