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When Over-Delivery is a Problem

Over-delivery is a positive outcome in most relationships - getting more than you agreed for is usually a nice surprise. Cabinet, however, has apparently made a decision to question providers that over-deliver on funded enrolments and possibly even penalise them.

ITI is working through the issues with the TEC and they have shared some data with us that helps us to understand the issues. That data shows that only 15% of PTEs fall within the range of plus or minus 3% of their funding allocation.�TEIs are generally on target, but they have been funded for all of their enrolments in recent years (other than exceptional cases), so they have an automatic adjustment system.�PTEs, on the other hand,�have had fixed funding caps.

Implementing an over-delivery policy in PTEs will be a tricky business, so we welcome the TEC's willingness to engage at this implementation stage, if not at the design stage.

ITI has had a few queries from PTEs about this issue since a story ran in Education Review last week and we realise that there is a lot of concern out there. We are currently working on a response to the TEC and would be happy to share it with PTEs next week - just contact Dave Guerin�at and you will be sent a copy.

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