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People wishing to contact QTI should contact the Executive Director, Neil Miller, in the first instance – his details are provided below.

Each QTI member can appoint a representative or representatives to the Board, which approves lobbying campaigns, submissions, reports and all major decisions. The Board appoints two Co-Chairs and the Treasurer at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Co-Chairs preside over Board meetings, set the agenda, represent QTI at key meetings, and oversees the work of the Executive Director, among many other tasks.

Wendy Pyne of Bethlehem Tertiary Institute (BTI) is a Co-Chair of QTI. Kerry Priestley of International Travel College (ITC) is a Co-Chair of QTI. Kelly Allan, also from BTI, is the new Treasurer.

The Board appoints an Executive Director to work with Government agencies, analyse complex information, promote the QTI brand, maintain relationships with stakeholders, shake the policy tree occasionally, administer the organisation and support members in any way possible.

Tommy Honey is QTI’s Executive Director.

Tommy Honey
Quality Tertiary Institutions
Mobile: 021 744 531
Email Tommy

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