About Us - Join QTI

QTI welcomes membership enquiries from leading private tertiary education providers, who want to:

  • network with the top staff at other leading tertiary education providers – we involve the top managers at each member, not just the CEO;
  • receive high-quality analysis and representation from our Executive Director, Neil Miller;

  • have direct input into government policy decisions through submissions and meetings

  • participate directly in decision-making – all members are represented on the Board; 

  • meet with senior politicians and officials face to face to discuss the key issues

  • benefit from, and contribute to, a collective brand that highlights the contribution that quality private tertiary education makes to New Zealand.

Members value QTI’s flat structure, collaborative working style, excellent reputation within Government and frequent networking opportunities. Any PTEs that are interested in joining QTI should contact Tommy Honey, QTI's Executive Director, on 021 744 531.

The membership standards are listed below:

  • Size: At least 50 domestic student EFTS and at least 100 EFTS overall

  • External Evaluation and Review: At least Category 2 (Highly Confident/Confident)

  • Educational Performance Indicators: Above the median in at least 2 of the four indicators, including at least one of course completions or qualification completion.

  • Member Approval: At least 75% of QTI members must approve an application for it to be accepted.
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